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Stay Present

July 21, 2017

A state of mind, A mantra of late, A daily reminder...


In two weeks I'll be leaving my home here in Boulder, Colorado and making my way back to Southern California. For the past two weeks my students have known I am leaving. For the past four months I have known that I am leaving. Everyday I dream of my future self and what her life will look like. The most challenging part of knowing you will be leaving is staying. Staying in the moment, enjoying each moment, staying with the breath, enjoying the gifts Mother Nature has provided.


Last week of my pilates students asked me if this is what I do... I move to a place for a year or so and then leave. Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes it does seem to be that way but it's never been my plan. I whole heartedly believe that each place I move to will be my home. I want it to feel like home. I put all my eggs in that basket and wait....Sometimes it feels like home and sometimes it's time to leave. 


These next two weeks are my gift to myself. Be present, stay Present, enjoy all the things, then make my way into my future present self.

Aho, Athena


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