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Why We Must Travel

July 6, 2017

Why must we travel? It’s so lovely to stay at home surrounded by things that comfort us, our family, friends, pets. We must travel to get out of our comfort zone, to ask questions (even if only directions), to learn and understand that our way is not the only way. We must travel so that we understand that despite all of our differences we are all similar. We love, we cry, we laugh the same in all countries. We must travel so we realize that we all need one another.

To remain open and aware of our differences is to see with your heart, to see with your mind that maybe we are not so different. We are all made up of humans creating and living in society, from the beggar to the street vendor, from the traveler to the tourist, to the restaurant you eat in to those cooking the food you eat. We “must” remember that we are all the same. Instead of seeing ourselves as observers and tourists looking in from the outside we must see integrate, let us see ourselves as a part of the whole. Societies can only exist when people of all backgrounds come together. Embrace one another, embrace our similarities, embrace the unknown.




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